Guy Q&A with Jeff Pearlman

Guy Q&A with Jeff Pearlman

Author. Openly gay Republican. Not a fan of Hillary. Won’t tell you who the next president should be. Loves the smell of Sean Hannity’s studio. Meet one of the political media’s bright young stars.

When it comes to political Quazes, I prefer people I disagree with.
Hell, what’s the fun of having a New York-born liberal? Or someone who thinks Barack Obama has been a strong president? They think what I think, which means—in thinking about how they think—I know how they think.

I don’t know how Guy Benson thinks. First, he’s a contributor to Fox News (a place I don’t like) and a political editor of (a site I don’t often read). Second, he’s an openly gay Republican who doesn’t see any real issue with being an openly gay Republican. Third, he’s a fan of neither Obama nor Hillary. Fourth, um … that’s about it. Which is a lot—and also makes Benson a perfect (And cool. And unique. And generous.) Quaz. You can follow him on Twitter here and purchase his book, “End of Discussion,” here.

Guy Benson, no need to fret over taxes or immigration or Muslims. You’re the 236th Quaz …