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03/31/2017 - Guy on the week\\\'s most ridiculous liberal freak-outs

Guy Benson on the week\'s most ridiculous liberal freak-outs

02/16/2017 - Trump Hammers Press in News Conference

Guy Benson on Trump and the Press

02/02/17 - Guy Makes Good on a Bet

Guy Benson dons the iconic red Trump hat Make American Great Again

01/31/17 - Previewing upcoming SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing

Guy alongside Shannon Bream on the steps of the Supreme Court take a look ahead to the coming battle for President Trumps choice to be the next Justice.

01/24/17 - Guy Benson joins Special Report Panel

Trump Upends EPA Regulations Gives Green Light to Keystone Pipeline Panel Consisting of Guy Benson - Tim Farley - Charles Krauthammer

01/05/17 - New York City ID System Records Debated

Guy Benson v. Robert Zimmerman in a spirited discussion over the fight to prevent destruction of NYC ID card system records

01/02/17 - The Left and Russian Hacking

POLL: Left STILL Believes in Conspiracies of Russian Hacking Affected Election. Political Paranoia continues on the left as a recent poll indicates they are still having difficulties moving on after the election

12/23/16 - President-elect Trump has to be more circumspect

Guy talks Trump and his Tweets on Russia.

12/23/16 - Pros and Cons of Trumps Ambiguity

Guy talks Trump on Americas Newsroom

12/13/16 - Senate should have open mind on Tillerson

Benson talks Trumps pick for SOS.

11/29/16 - Guy Talks Secretary of State Pick

Trump is slated to meet with Mitt Romney this evening, he\'s either in the front running to be selected as the next Secretary of State, OR it\'s a set-up for a spike rejection in retribution for his comments against the President-Elect during the election process.

11/25/16 - Outnumbered

Trump\'s Team Pushes Back on Criticism over Frequency of Intel Briefings

11/18/16 - Trump Meets with Romney

Guy believes it is a smart move for Trump to reach out to Mitt Romney

10/27/16 - Guy on Fox News Outnumbered

Talking troubles in the Clinton campaign

10/12/16 - Guy talks NY Times Story: Two Women Say Trump Touched Them Inappropriately

Guy Benson: On The Record Appearance with Brit Hume talks New York Times Story on Trump and Accusations of Inappropriate Behavior with Multiple Women

10/03/16 Media Takes on Trump

Media Outlets Launch New Attacks of \"Hot Garbage\" on Trump and Clinton.

09/25/16 Guy talks The BIG Debate

From the campus of Hofstra University, Political News Editor, Guy Benson joins the All-Star panel on Special Report to preview the Presidential Debate

09/09/16 - ACA Public Option

Guy Benson on Democratic efforts to revive public option for Obamacare

09/02/16 - Hillarys Recall Problems Escalate

Guy attempts to inject some details and clarity into a high-decibel discussion of Friday\'s email scandal revelations (courtesy of FBI investigators)

08/31/16 - Trumps South of the Border Sit-Down

Guy Benson weighs in with his take on Trump\'s arrival in Mexico ahead of his major immigration speech

08/19/2016 - Trump wraps up major week

08/04/2016 - Trump Slips in Polls

Trump Support Slipping in Some NE States - Guy Benson - Deneen Borelli

07/21/16 Reaction to Peter Thiel

Paypal Billionaire, Peter Thiel\'s RNC Speech announces he\'s proud to be Gay and Republican is reviewed by Guy Benson and Mo Elleithee

07/21/16 Preview Trump Speech

Donald Trump takes the stage tonight as Tony Sayegh and Guy Benson weigh in with what he needs to do to garner more support from moderate conservatives

07/19/16 - Guy from the RNC Convention

Guy Benson on Donald Trump: \"He needs to focus on the Future of the Supreme Court\"

07/14/16 - Trump VP Pick

“If it’s going to be Pence, this looks like a ‘do no harm’ selection”

07/10/16 - Stereotyping Cops and Activists

Is There an Organized Effort to Film Violence?

6/21/16 - Trumps Campaign Has Far Less Money Than Clinton

Report: Republican Leaders Are Troubled By Trump\'s Fundraising Numbers

6/19/16 - Is CNN Anchor an Activist?

Guy shares insights regarding Anderson Coopers Grilling Pam Bondi on Gay Issues

6/16/16 - Terror Watch List Gun Ban

The Orlando shooting has triggered a major movement by Democrats that challenges civil liberties by increasing gun control laws.

6/10/16 - Guy on Obama Endorsement of Clinton

Will President Obama Endorsement Impact Hillary Clinton DOJ Investigation?

6/6/16 - Guy on Fox & Friends First

Guy Benson insight on Sanders Going After Clinton Foundation and Foreign Donations

6/4/16 - State Department Deliberate Editing

Guy Benson at length on the admission of the State Department of deliberate editing of a briefing regarding the Iran deal.

6/3/16 - Guy Benson on Trump University Judge: It is Raice Bating

Is Trump\'s demand a Latino judge recuse himself because of his ethnicity not the definition of racism?

5/26/16 - Guy Benson Fact Blasts Bernard Whitman on Hillary Email Scandal Details

Guy Benson lays out the facts regarding Hillary\'s email server issues in this spirited exchange with Bernard Whitman on The Real Story hosted by Gretchen Carlson

4/28/16 - GOP Candidates Campaigning in Indiana & California

Guy discussed the delegate chase and Boehner\'s \'Lucifer\' comment about Cruz.

3/28/16 - The Trump Doctrine

Guy on Lou Dobbs Tonight

3/20/16 - Benson Schools Tamara Holder

Is There Hypocrisy on Both Sides of the political aisle regarding President Obama\'s SCOTUS nomination of Merrick Garland ?

2/15/16 - Benson EDUCATES Katrina Pierson on Trump

Trump Claims RNC Broke Loyalty Pledge, and Once Again Considers Third Party Run

12/28/15 Is Bill Clinton Fair Game?

Guy on Donald Trump Warning Bill Clinton is Fair Game in Race for President

7/20/15 - Trump Should Apologize To Military Families

Guy discuses Trumps controversial comments regarding John McCain

6/10/15 - Guy and Mary Katharine Ham

Guy and MKH appear together on The Kelly File

5/5/15 - Opens Up About Being Gay and Conservative

Guy talks about his new book End of Discussion. (Co-Author Mary Katharine Ham)

4/19/15 - President Obama turns up pressure on Senate

President Obama turns up pressure on Senate to confirm AG nominee.

2/22/15 - Guy Benson Live from 2015 CPAC

Presidential Candidates Address the Conservative Group

4/30/14 - Hate Speech Monitoring by Feds

Opposition to proposed monitoring of Hate Speech buy a Federal Agency

3/21/14 - Benson talks Nancy Pelosi and ObamaCare

12/6/13 Obamacare mess part of broader problems

Obamacare mess part of broader problems with federal bureaucracy report